Basic Tech Skills For Entrepreneurs and Inspiring Enterpreneurs

Enterpreneurial skills

Enterpreneurial skills

I had the impression that a good idea, start-up capital and the know-how of line of business are all that is required for running a thriving business and becoming a successful entrepreneur. That was until I started work on setting up an IT firm (Gluroc IT Solution; co-founded with a friend and partner). What I have picked up from the journey so far is that today’s landscape for being a successful entrepreneur is quite different from what it used to be. While those three factors are still very important in setting up a business, becoming or inspiring to become a successful entrepreneur now requires that you have certain tech skills (irrespective of the nature of your business), especially if you are ever going to take advantage or the internet and its huge potentials. So the question now is, what are those basic information technology skills you need as an entrepreneur? Let’s take a look;

Social Media

I’m starting with social media because I consider it the very least but yet the basic of all. Social media is a remarkable communication and effective marketing tool for businesses and individuals. It’s also the cheapest out there and one that you can have absolute control over (if you know the ropes). The skill here is not knowing how to drop posts or make twits but knowing the channels you need and how to stretch their use beyond conventional usage to growing your business. However, the least you can do is to understand the popular channels and how they work.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

I like to refer to SEO as ‘the heart’ of everything you do online. You already know what happens when the heart of the human body fails. Without SEO know-how, everything you do online is a waste of time. It’s like sending a message that would not be delivered or worse still, delivered to the wrong target. It’s also like taking your wares to the market to sell but ends up not being displayed to potential clients to see. What a wastes of time! For starters, SEO is anything you do (apart from paid ads) that gets your contents to appear top in search engines when a search using certain keywords is made. So, say you have a company that makes and sell popcorn in Lagos. Say, someone looking for popcorn sellers in Lagos goes to Google search and types ‘popcorn seller in Lagos’ and your company’s name doesn’t come up or only appears after several pages. Then you have got from a non-existing to a bad SEO.

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is what is even more important than SEO. You see, you could be very good with making viral posts on social media and getting a million followers in a week. You could also be very good at showing up top on search engines and having your contents in front of desired audience, but of what use are these milestones if you cannot convert your visitors or viewers into clients or customers? The sad truth is if you know SEO and you don’t know CRO, then what you know doesn’t count. For starters, CRO is anything you do that increases the number of your visitors that convert into customers. A conversion is the action your visitors take; like buying your product, opting for your services, downloading your app, etc.
The difference between SEO and CRO is; if you can get a number of internet users to see your brand or service offering online, then you have done a good SEO. If you can get quite a number of visitors that see your offering online to buy or take desired decisive action, then you have done a good CRO.

The Cloud

The cloud is where data storage and sharing is today and as an entrepreneur you must understand how it works. Cloud services allow users to store files online, so that they can access them from any location via the Internet and at any time. Local storages such as memory cards, hard drives and disks are already taking the backseat.
It’s important for you as an entrepreneur to know to use and managed a cloud account. Some of the very popular cloud services you should be familiar with are Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Onedrive, etc.

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